Beat the competition

Building a strong pipeline

Don't lose out because of your own performance!

Customers believe that whatever your selling -  they can buy it somewhere else - and probably cheaper.  They have already found alternatives to your solution and have several quotes and need to decide who they wish to buy from. The truth is:
your products and services are similar - the ROI is the same - your pricing is similar 

 The answer will comes down to who does the customer trust and like more.

Most buying decisions today are made by more than one person, and on major sales as many as 7 people enter into the buying process. You need someone on the inside that is selling on your behalf, influencing the right people, sharing information with you and positioning your proposition in the best light. Top performing sales people identify which contacts in the organisation have both influence and authority and take time to win over them over and turn the contact into a champion. Be careful to ensure that your contact isn't just a good coach - .If they don't have the influence inside the organisation then your deal could end up coming second! 

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People buy from People they trust