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Why Emotional intelligence makes a better Sales Leader

It’s not good enough to be smart. That may get you into a leadership role, but it is emotional intelligence (often abbreviated “EQ” or “EI”) that will allow you to succeed. As an executive, there are some things that you should know about emotional intelligence.

18 Feb 2019


10 ways to make yourself more likeable

We can spend a lot of time thinking about value propositions, pricing, ROI's and alike, but we often overlook some simple things, such as do they like me! Like-ability is key in the power of influence and impact. Here are 10 ways that you can make yourself more likeable. 

11 Feb 2019


Give 1% more to achieve sales success

Sometimes we can be so close to meeting our goals but we seem to just miss them. Sir Dave Brailsford talks about Marginal Gains and by doing so took a good cycle team to be World Champions. What can we do to improve aspects of our sales performance by 1% and smash those targets.

28 Jan 2019


Neuroscience in Retail

Neuroscience is now showing how to create a sensationally rich environment that is going to grab hold of the customers attention and build memorable interactions that will lock into their brain. Are we now entering into the 4th industrial Revolution due to an online and offline requirement. 

21 Jan 2019


Reverse psychology - 6 tips to win more business

Back in 1961, William McGuire developed a theory that he called the Inoculation Effect. He used the theory to describe the process by which we can become resistant to attempts of persuasion. 55 Years later customers are well attuned to tactics and techniques that sales people attempt to use to persuade them, more often than not the customer uses it to get better deals. This article shows you 6 tips for using reverse psychology to ......

14 Jan 2019

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