Develop your sales enablement plan

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Companies with Sales Enablement plans are 3x more successful!

Companies outperformed the competition by 2X in total company revenue, 2X in the average deal size and nearly 3X the growth rate. Sales-enabled sellers massively outperformed their competitors in lead conversion as well.

  •  Sales enablement can come in 3 different varieties:
    • Content based sales enablement: providing sales people with targeted collateral and other sales assets that enable effective sales conversations with buyers
    • Technology based sales enablement: providing sales teams with tools and technology that enables improved performance
    • Training/education-based sales enablement: a process whereby sales people are trained, educated, or given access to knowledge that enables them to sell more effectively. 

Latest research into the impact of adopting sales enablement strategies demonstrate a significant difference between Top performing organisations against the industry average. The greatest impact has been seen where organisations can adopt at least 2 of the 3 approaches. It is quite rare to find an organisation that has adopted all 3 strategies. 

Training and education has the biggest impact on sales forecast accuracy and quota attainment. The research has shown that 'Best In Class' sales enablement organisations are 58% more effective at finding, retaining and development talent compared with all others. 

Sales enablement organisations are also 2.2 times more effective at measuring and connecting sales actions to revenue. They understand what content is required that consistently contributes to closed - won deals, combined with acute understanding of which workflow and processes are more important to follow, and how to embrace and adopt technology to enable it to come together.

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