Build a strong pipeline

Building a strong pipeline

How do I get more into my pipeline?

The size of your pipeline tells you how much hunting you have been doing. It also provides you some clarity about where your business is going to come from, this week, this month, this quarter and this year. One of the biggest challenges sales people can face is that they are working single deals at a time and when they close that one big deal, they look at their pipeline and realise that they have to start all over again.

The answer is to create prospecting time into your everyday schedule. Much like you have rituals about brushing your teeth every morning, you should have the same rituals about prospecting time. A minimum number of calls per day will soon mount up to the number of opportunities your uncover and the deals that appear in your pipeline.

We offer support and coaching through our Opportunity Creation workshop on how to build and develop new opportunities from cold calling, lead follow up and lead generation, as well as how to identify new opportunities in existing accounts. Check out the sales Mastery programme below for more details.