Building Powerful Relationships

Develop your skill and capability on connecting and building powerful relationships with your customers and colleagues on this 2 day interactive workshop. Gain a deeper understanding of how sales and psychology “Salecology” come together by harnessing the latest thinking on Neuroscience, Linguistics and Sociology, and how to use it to build rapport and influence. 

Learn how and why your personality affects the way you sell, how people see you and what your personal brand says about you. Learn how to engage people on a deeper, more meaningful level and how to get them to want to connect with you.

Learn where trust comes from and how to build it, quickly, and how strengthen it over time. For those in key or strategic accounts, develop your skills on moving up the relationship ladder, and how to leverage relationships to get higher and wider across the business.

Most importantly, we will show you how to build EQ into your everyday business calls and communications to enhance your likability, connect better with your customers, to create new and exciting opportunities. 

Each person on this workshop will have their own learning journey and different takeaways.

By the end of the programme individuals will:

  • Understand what emotional intelligence is and why it’s important in today’s business environment.
  • Increase their own self-awareness of how they come across to stakeholders and build a plan to evolve “brand me”.
  • Learn what “being in rapport” is and how to consciously create and maintain it.
  • Be able to read key stakeholders (their personality style and the way their brain works [neuroscience]) and adapt communication and engagement plans appropriately.
  • Build EQ dashboards for key stakeholders with a clear engagement strategy.



Building Powerful Relationships Salecology workshop.

Tuesday 24th September 2019 to Wednesday 25th September 2019

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Easthampstead Park
Peacock Lane
RG40 3DF
United Kingdom