Defining What Great Looks Like

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What got you here - won't get you there!

The key to building great Sales Performance is to define the core behaviours required from the sales team, both for today and tomorrow. From experience Salecology recognise that it is essential to define “what great looks like" in order to develop a clear and consistent framework for decision making.  This is not a process of consensus, but a process of accepted and common understanding of how to classify the difference between good and great, using a highly validated behavioural framework. This will become the frame of reference when reviewing sales behaviour, either for people development, selection or recruitment.

To support you in defining this, Salecology will facilitate a workshop with you to review existing role profiles, competency frameworks & career paths and combine them with future role requirements.  These behaviours will be aligned and assessed against our High Performance Sales Framework. This framework is a highly validated set of behaviours that can be assessed and observed in sales people to differentiate between Good and Great behaviour as well as negative use of behaviour.

People Assessment

A Framework for Recruitment as well as development

One of the consistent problems with recruitment is that managers tend to assess candidates based on the wrong criteria ─ namely experience and capability. Although these aspects are interesting, research shows that they are not actually good predictive indicators of a sales person’s ability to be a top performer within another organisation and culture.

By knowing what “great” looks like, Salecology provides candidate assessment tools that enable recruiters to conduct more in-depth, objective screening so that they always hire the right people for the right roles. Getting this right has a huge impact on creating high performance and ensuring new recruits become top performers within a short space of time. 

We provide a range of additional services to support you in defining "Great" for your organisation, from team assessments through to development and selection centres. Contact us today to learn more about Salecology's tools to build you a high performing team. Also check out how to become a Salecologist below, and bring those skills in-house.