Deliver a Great Customer Experience

Building a strong pipeline

What does every customer want?

To understand customer experience you need to understand the customer journey. Throughout the buying process the customer has many touch points with you and your organisation, as well as with your competitors, and these all add together to depict the experience they have.

For retail, we talk about an OMNI - channel experience, which combines web, store, telephone and app where the journey often starts in one format and ends in another. The experience however across each channel needs to be consistent. For many other organisations we need to consider the full buying cycle, from awareness of needs and building a concept through to implementation and contract renewals. 

The fundemental principles are that the customer wants to ensure that you, as the seller, understands their wants and needs, and can tailor a solution to meet it. Your sales style and approach will have a huge impact on the experience. Customers do not want passive sales advisors! They want people who has great empathy and rapport.

The skilled sales person knows how to speed read people, building that rapport and helping the customer to come to the right decisions. They know how to continue to turn customers into fans at each touchpoint and how to deliver on the promise. 

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