Hiring Great Sales Talent

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Selecting talent is a science and an art

We understand that great sales people in your organisation are different to your competitors. Our methodology allows you to understand what great sales people look like for your business, so you only hire those with the highest propensity to succeed in your company.

Our Salecologists have built a single model that helps clients to define what “great” looks like for the various roles within their sales function. This is coupled with a set of assessment tools that analyse the team to determine behavioural strengths, and to identify individuals whose personality, motivations and capabilities are the best fit with the company’s new strategic direction.

People Assessment

One of the consistent problems with recruitment is that managers tend to assess candidates based on the wrong criteria ─ namely experience and capability. Although these aspects are interesting, research shows that they are not actually good predictive indicators of a sales person’s ability to be a top performer within another organisation and culture.

By knowing what “great” looks like, Salecology provides candidate assessment tools that enable recruiters to conduct more in-depth, objective screening so that they always hire the right people for the right roles. Getting this right has a huge impact on creating high performance and ensuring new recruits become top performers within a short space of time.