Increase your close ratio

Building a strong pipeline

How do I close more?

A lot of people think that closing is about learning closing techniques. At Salecology we asked people in the office one lunchtime about what closing techniques they had heard of - within 3mins it quickly mounted to over 60,  included examples such as: the assumptive close, alternative close, the puppy dog close...

The truth is none of these really work in terms of influencing the customers mind. 
The answer to closing more deals is 4 fold:

1: Ensure you have emotionally engaged the customer in the solution - this isn't about building ROI, although you will need them, but if the customer isn't emotionally engaged in the solution then the deal will get stuck.

2: Remove complexity from the sale - All the time there is complexity in the sale and the customer has further thinking to do, they can not take a decision to go ahead.

3: Put the customer into a buying mindset - move the customer from a discovery and creative mindset ( about building solutions and possibilities) into a buying mindset by utilising positive body language and closing questions. 

4: Ask for the order - human psychology tells us that people need to be shown the next step in the process which is to go ahead and place the order. If you don't ask they will probably ask you to send them something.

To learn more about putting customers into a buying mindset and closing more, come along to the Sales Mastery programme.