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Are Your Questioning Techniques Stuck in the 80’s?

Today’s article is going to get a little meta, as the question at hand are questions themselves.

The latest data shares that over 82% of customers research online long before engaging with suppliers, so what’s the point of asking questions to understand their needs? Surely the modern customer already knows about your products or service, so why not cut to the chase and demonstrate the features and benefits? Gone are the days where clients care to catch you up on their backstories and motivations, and they certainly don’t have time to sit through a presentation of info they already know. This begs the question, are questioning techniques as we know them dead? Not surprisingly, it’s a ‘yes & no’ kind of answer. Yes, we at Salecology firmly believe traditional questioning techniques have become as obsolete as your old Nokia, but that isn’t to say questions don’t have their importance in the customer’s journey.

Welcome to the Team Jason Bean

Salecology is growing again.  Darren Bezani, Chief Salecologist, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Bean, as a Salecologist working out of our new office in Houston, Texas, USA . Jason Bean is a Sales and Customer Success Strategist who partners with CEO’s, executives, and entrepreneurs growing their sales and customer success teams to deliver improved performance.

Hello Houston Texas

Salecology, Europe’s leading emotional intelligence sales training, coaching, consulting and recruitment firm, is pleased to announce that we are expanding our presence in the United States of America. Salecology opened its first office in Long Beach California in 2019. We are opening our newest offices in Houston, Texas on 31 August 2022.

With the addition of this new office Salecology now has five offices around the world, allowing Salecology to better understand the needs of our clients in each region, and tailor our offerings to meet the region’s unique needs. The company has plans to open new offices and full training centres in the coming months.