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Have you got Vocal Executive Presence

In today's climate, where more work is done on the phone or on video calls, the reduction in body language means more emphasis is placed on the voice of the speaker. In this article you can watch a video where Laura Sicola talks about creating Vocal Executive Presence. Laura suggests by understanding your audience you can determine what type of person they would be most open to receiving the message from, and then you can figure out what that person would sound like.

Building customer relationships - remotely

Engaging with customers when you cant get together in person is hard, here are 3 tips to get closer to those customers and build relationships remotely.

Reverse psychology - 6 tips to win more business

Back in 1961, William McGuire developed a theory that he called the Inoculation Effect. He used the theory to describe the process by which we can become resistant to attempts of persuasion. 55 Years later customers are well attuned to tactics and techniques that sales people attempt to use to persuade them, more often than not the customer uses it to get better deals. This article shows you 6 tips for using reverse psychology to ......

Making Moments

95% of all customer decisions are made by the emotional / irrational (sub concious) mind and therefore if you want them to buy from you - or to remember you - then you need to create moments that are memorable. Features and benefits do not do that!