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Why ChatGPT personality is cold and heartless – lessons for Sales and Marketers

We are seeing endless videos, news articles and pitches from people to utilise ChatGPT as the way to create new content fast and become super-efficient by using AI to write your emails, blogs and so on. Yes, it’s true, AI can create you content, write some articles but when you read them you will notice they lack empathy, personality, and emotion, which unfortunately is what most people want. The same ...

ChatGPT has a personality type

the exercise highlights the importance of recognizing the distinction between AI-generated behaviour and genuine human experiences. Although ChatGPT may simulate human-like communication, it does not possess the emotional depth or personal experiences that shape human personalities. So what will happen when we utilise AI to deal with customer service interaction and embed it into more and more everyday life.

Making Magic Moments ensures customers remember you.

95% of all customer decisions are made by the emotional / irrational (sub concious) mind and therefore if you want them to buy from you - or to remember you - then you need to create moments that are memorable. Features and benefits do not do that!

Reverse psychology - 6 tips to win more business

Back in 1961, William McGuire developed a theory that he called the Inoculation Effect. He used the theory to describe the process by which we can become resistant to attempts of persuasion. 55 Years later customers are well attuned to tactics and techniques that sales people attempt to use to persuade them, more often than not the customer uses it to get better deals. This article shows you 6 tips for using reverse psychology to ......