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Video Based Selling - The new norm in Sales

Video calls are not just a replacement for the face to face. Yes it can replicate similar patterns but that is a lot more things at play. Here are 5 tips for successful video calls in sales.

Empathy - the key to successful sales during Covid-19

It is an unprecedented time and we need to be empathetic in our Sales Approach. We need to help our sales teams demonstrate empathy with our customers but there is a long line between being hard sell and so empathetic that we simply cancel every contract or give the product away for free.

Covid-19 Support

Salecology partner with The People Connect group to raise money for those in need of support parcels for everyday essentials such as Hygiene products, food, clothes etc.

The Psychology behind Closing Techniques

Why do some people struggle to ask for the order? It is not a skill issue but rather something deeper and more emotionally charged. This article looks at how to overcome this issue,