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Welcome to the Team Jason Bean

Salecology is growing again.  Darren Bezani, Chief Salecologist, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Bean, as a Salecologist working out of our new office in Houston, Texas, USA . Jason Bean is a Sales and Customer Success Strategist who partners with CEO’s, executives, and entrepreneurs growing their sales and customer success teams to deliver improved performance.

Hello Houston Texas

Salecology, Europe’s leading emotional intelligence sales training, coaching, consulting and recruitment firm, is pleased to announce that we are expanding our presence in the United States of America. Salecology opened its first office in Long Beach California in 2019. We are opening our newest offices in Houston, Texas on 31 August 2022.

With the addition of this new office Salecology now has five offices around the world, allowing Salecology to better understand the needs of our clients in each region, and tailor our offerings to meet the region’s unique needs. The company has plans to open new offices and full training centres in the coming months.

The Right Way to Raise Rapport

After a satisfying weekend of socializing, your alarm clock announces the dawn of a new Monday morning. You’re a creature of habit, and by now you’ve got your morning routine down to an exact science: a 3-in-1 shower/skin care/toothbrush scene sets things in motion (this time you made sure the shampoo went on your hair and not on your toothbrush) while your business casual outfit awaits folded on your dresser from the night before. Then you’re out the door to the quaint café you frequent where your usual order is already being made by the charming barista. You exchange smiles and swap breakfast wrap and coffee for the exact change plus tip, and a wink indicating you’ll be back here tomorrow to do it all over again. Traffic is a slog, but by now you know to take the Mortimer Ave detour to avoid the construction on Main St. and the eternal red light on 7th, saving you 15 minutes or more. Before long you’re parked, up the elevator, and at your desk with enough time to eat your breakfast and catch up with your favourite co-worker. They arrive moments later looking dishevelled and flustered, and with one knowing glance the two of you exchange an entire conversation without uttering a single word. 

There is a powerful force at play in this example, one that permeates nearly every aspect of our day to day lives and is especially prevalent in the world of sales and marketing. 

Left vs Right Brain

The human brain has evolved to be remarkably proficient. From our ability to form connections and tribes to our aptitude for tools and technology, we are a species defined by the never-ending stream of ideas that shape our existence. Indeed, to be human is to think, to perceive, and to think about that perception all the while. We’ve evolved the keen ability to learn time saving heuristics that contextualize the world around us, like our inclination towards the binary. This binary is something we’re taught from a young age – hot and cold, good and bad, right and wrong, and so on. It helped us as kids navigate our environment and our place within it, however this black and white dichotomy often extends past kindergarten into the far reaches of popular culture, and not always rightly so.