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Try out our Salecology Colour Personality free test

Try out our Salecology colour test for free and see what type of sales person you are.

17 May 2019


Increase your cold calling success

Here are 4 great rules that will deliver greater success when reaching out to make new contacts and new relationships through cold calling.

13 May 2019


4 Ways to Maximise your Software Demos

The most common pitfalls in demoing software to customers are obvious, but people just can’t help themselves. The fundamental issues reside in whether it is a demonstration, a training session or selling the concept. Ask yourself the question -  who are you doing the demo for - you or the customer? Are you impressed by your own product or are you impressing the customer?

5 Apr 2019


Why Ei beats Ai in SaaS sales

Over the past few years Ai (Artificial intelligence) or Machine Intelligence has entered the world of sales and as tech companies continue to explore how to use Ai to provide intelligence into predicting futures, analysing trends and trying to determine best options solutions it is still no substitute for Emotional Intelligence.

22 Mar 2019


Making Moments

95% of all customer decisions are made by the emotional / irrational (sub concious) mind and therefore if you want them to buy from you - or to remember you - then you need to create moments that are memorable. Features and benefits do not do that!

18 Mar 2019


Master Sales Effectiveness and Transformation in 8 days

Learn more about our forthcoming programme on how to become a Master of Sales Effectiveness & Transformation and become a qualified Sales Psychologist. 

11 Mar 2019

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