Embed Sales Capability

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If you don't use it you lose it!

Knowing what to do is very different to being able to do it. At Salecology we understand that sales training and development, no matter how well it is delivered, will end with 80% of the skills and capabilities not being adopted. We struggle to understand why sales training and enablement think that sending people on a 2 day workshop will fundamentally change they way they do things. It will only happen is the skills and behaviours taught o the programme are continually reinforced and turned from knowledge, into capability, into habits. 

  •  Research shows that, on average, individuals forget up to 70 percent of the content within 24 hours and 90 percent within a week of the learning experience. 

  • Research also shows that after attending training, individuals typically increase their performance and productivity by 26%, but those who receive additional coaching and support relating to the training show an improvement of up to 88%. 

Embedding Curve

Learning should not be seen as a one-off event – achieving sustained behavioural change is a continuous process, so what you do after the learning event is more important than what you do during the event itself.

Salecology's unique Learning Zone has been developed to measure the impact of behavioural change and to sustain the benefits of training long after teams have left the classroom and returned to the field.

An essential tool for both teams and managers, the Portal includes a range of learning aids, reminders, bite-size videos and downloads that enable individuals to revisit lessons and review their progress.

For sales team leaders, Salecology has also produced the Sales Coach App to provide an objective view of sales team performance, enabling them to:

  • Capture sales behaviour and produce real-time analytics
  • Review skills and sales capability across the organisation
  • Collate coaching notes for each sales person
  • Set and agree learning and development objectives

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To find out more on how to embed Sales Capability in your organisation, reach out to us using the Get In Touch Link below. Also learn how to become a Salecologist and have access to all our tools to bring them into your business.