Experience the power of Salecology!

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This interactive 1 day workshop is ideal to experience Salecology in action and learn how to adjust your sales approach to guarantee an increase in your sales performance. Learn how to use Emotional Intelligence to connect and influence your customers and others.

Come and learn the latest skills and behaviours the top performers are embracing in todays hyper competitive world. Understand how your customers think, what engages them into a conversation, how to modify your sales communications to land, and how to present solutions that will get them to say Yes! 

We will share with you the Psychology of Selling. Whatever sales techniques you have learnt before, whatever sales process or methodologies you have, this will bolt on perfectly and increase your success rate. Remember - people buy from people they trust. 

This workshop will show you how to:

  •  Engage customers and prospects on a deeper more meaningful level
  •  Build closer relationships
  •  Unlock new opportunities
  •  Convert more business 

Who Will Benefit From Attending

  • Anyone in Sales or responsible for developing Sales Excellence
  • Sales Leaders
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service/Experience

If you are short on time and want to experience Salecology, this one day Introduction to Salecology is for you.

By The End Of The Course You Will Know

  • The 3 questions that determine success or failure!
  • Emotional Triggers that get the customer to act – now!
  • What to say and do to engage the customer into a conversation!
  • How to speed read your customer!
  • How to build quick trust and rapport!
  • How to present your product & service to wow the customer!
  • How to influence your customer to say –Yes!

People Buy From People They Trust!

Book your place on this workshop now and deliver the sales experience that will turn your prospects into customers.


Experience the power of Salecology

Friday 21st September 2018 09:00 to 17:00

Location Image
The Grange Hotel
United Kingdom