SaaS Sales Professional

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Develop your skill and capability across the complete spectrum of sales, from Lead Generation through to managing large sales to completion. You will also learn how to manage those strategic accounts, spotting new opportunities and leveraging your relationships to continue to grow your business.

This programme is divided into 3 core topics:

Opportunity Generation - Build a Pipeline

This part of the programme helps sales people to engage prospects and existing customers in conversations that will unlock business opportunities. We demonstrate how winning sales teams succeed in opening doors to new customers while increasing spend from existing clients and driving contract renewals.


Items covered in this section include

  • How customers buy in todays world
  • Building Insight and content to reach out to clients
  • How to open a sales conversation
  • Uncovering real needs that deliver real ROI
  • Building emotional attachment to the solution

Opportunity Management - Close Bigger Deals

Here we equip sales professionals with the tools and techniques to manage opportunities through the sales pipeline and to close deals. This high-impact course will help shape deals to win, sharpening presentations and hone influencing skills to bring contract negotiations to a successful completion.


Items covered in this section include:

  • Utilise the IMPACT opportunity planner
  • Build tangible metrics, business cases and personal wins
  • Build champions that will sell on your behalf
  • Shape decision making critieria in your favour
  • Build compelling value propositions and presentations
  • Overcome objections and win at negotiation. 

Account Development - Grow your accounts

Account management and development provides a combination of strategic planning as well as networking skills.   Learn how to build territory and account plans, identifying which accounts have significant growth potential and then leveraging your network to gain access to different departments and decisions makers to build exciting new opportunities as well as secure contract renewals. 


Items covered in this section include:

  • Utilise the DEVELOP Account Planning Tool
  • Identify Whitespace in your accounts to grow future review
  • Leverage your network to get higher and wider across the organisation
  • Spot opportunities and threats to contract renewals
  • Utilise relationship building and insight to build new opportunities



SaaS Sales Professional Certification programme

Monday 10th June 2019 to Thursday 13th June 2019

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Easthampstead Park
Peacock Lane
RG40 3DF
United Kingdom