The Benefits of the Sales Leader 360

360 degree feedback surveys are used to help organizations review the effectiveness of their leaders and managers, identify areas that have made them successful in the past and to provide them with insightful developmental feedback on how to be even more effective in the future. Many organizations use 360 tools against the company leadership competencies which are usually generic in nature to cover all types of managers and leaders. The Sales leader 360 is specific for sales and ensures that the feedback garnered is directly related to the person and role.

benefits include:

  • Gives individual managers and leaders insight into what has made them successful and a plan for development
  • Involves people with different perspectives in different roles and at different levels
  • Provide qualitative and quantitative feedback for comparative data on a departmental basis
  • Generates a sound basis for developmental planning
  • Demonstrates a commitment to development of sales managers and leaders

User Guide

If you are new to 360 degree feedback and would like to learn more about how to use them both for individuals or how to build a leadership development framework, download our free guide. This guide also walks through the various chapters in the Sales Leader 360.

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download our user guide

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The Report

Sales Leader 360

The 360 report contains the following chapters:

  • Section 1: How to use the report
  • Section 2: Overview across the 11 Behaviours, including Strengths and areas for growth
  • Section 3: Detailed Analysis
  • Section 4: Verbatim from respondents
  • Section 5: Development Planning

download a sample report



The Sales Leader 360 can be used to measure the feedback of individuals, teams or measured against a comparative group to benchmark your leaders against others outside the organization. Options available are:

  • Individual Report
  • Group Report
  • Group Comparison Report
  • Individual and Benchmarking Report


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