Licensed Practitioner 2

Become a Sales Psychologist in just 8 days and transform your sales and career!

Driving the effectiveness of a sales team is a lot more than sending them on a course. It takes a professional to be able to look at all facets of the sales organisation, spot where the strengths and development areas are, and rebuild it – often from the inside out! Not only that, as a person responsible for developing the sales team, you must be at the forefront of the latest methods, techniques and tools that will give your team the competitive advantage to win.

Salecology is the only sales science that combines all facets of psychology including; brain activity, personality, behaviour and social factors, applying it all to the sales world. Using the latest research in neuroscience, we provide you with a unique set of skills to be able to strengthen immature sales methodologies and behaviours, enhancing them with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) across every stage of the sales cycle, and delivering significant improvement on sales engagements and performance.

As a Salecologist (Sales Psychologist) you will become a master of sales development and be the driving force of sales success in every business you touch. This programme is primarily focused across 3 broad areas:

Sales Transformatrion Graphic1: Assess – Getting the right people

Learn how to define What Good Looks Like, how to build a competency framework, and what tools you can call on to assess people against those competencies. Ideal for all people decisions, whether in recruitment, succession planning or transformational programmes.

2: Develop – Doing the right things

As a Licensed Salecologist you will utilise the latest research and thinking in the world of Emotional intelligence (EQ). You will master the science of influence and learn how to get your customers to say ‘Yes’. In addition, we will review and backfill your knowledge on various sales methodologies and processes, giving you access to an extensive, globally tried and tested, set of tools and methodologies to transform your sales organisations. 

3: Lead – Delivering results

Learn how to embed the new ways of working, creating new habits and advocacy from the leadership team. Utilise our proprietary learning zone and sales coaching portal to capture sales behaviours and developmental needs.

As long as companies are selling to humans and there are human brains involved in the sales interaction, Salecology just works!

You will get the tools and techniques to deliver transformation across all sales and support functions to enhance the customer relationships.


Practicioner Course what you get

SALES LEADERS - If you want to

  • Enhance current sales capability
  • Inject new tools and techniques that deliver results
  • Get predictable revenue and performance
  • Improve your sales effectiveness
  • Build competitive advantage
  • Extend in-house sales training and sales development capability


  • Get access to latest tools for developing sales talent
  • Have courses, content and learning materials ready to use
  • Suite of embedding tools
  • Provide access to online Learning and Coaching Platform
  • Be a member of an elite group of sales psychologists
  • Get a formal qualification



What you will learn



Sales Psychology Practitioner - Los Angeles

Friday 7th December 2018 to Friday 14th December 2018

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The Vine
1601 Vine Street
Los Angeles
United States